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My friend, Chewy, is leaving the country in a few days and we’d been talking about going to this Irish restaurant and pub forever. It’s called The Canyon’s Crown, and Mato and I both love Irish food, so tonight all three of us went together!

The food was amaaaaaazing~ And they even had a countdown clock to St. Patrick’s Day. HAH!

In order, the food in the pictures are:

  • Mato’s Guinness and lemonade (the Guinness was on tap and he said it was very good)
  • An appetizer of fresh crisps w/ curry dipping sauce (loved)
  • Somehow that plate with all the vegetables and bread-like things sticking out is my Chicken Curry?! It was excellent, unlike any curry I’ve had.
  • Chewy’s Bangers and Mash!
  • Mato’s Guinness Pie! The Guinness part was the gravy in the pie. I had a bite and it was gorgeous. Def gonna get that one next time.

I super, duper, HIGHLY recommend The Canyon’s Crown to all my Twoson peeps reading this :)

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